Music files thumbnails

Hello, I’m writing in order to ask for advice on how to make Manjaro Gnome generate thumbnails for my music files. I’m relatively new to the system, though I did try it out once several months ago, and all that was required was to install “ffmpegthumbnailer” in order to solve the problem.

A few days ago, however, I decided to re-install Manjaro Gnome and make it my permanent system, and discovered this is no longer the case. Despite installing the abovementioned package, I still get the “default” music icon on my audio files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Try xapp-mp3-thumbnailer from the Manjaro community repo or maybe ffmpegthumbnailer-mp3 from the AUR (Arch User Repository).

xapp-mp3-thumbnailer - Installed, restarted the PC. No effect.

ffmpegthumbnailer-mp3 - As of the latest Manjaro version, this one can’t even be installed/built.

Works fine for me.

Might want to clear the thumbnail cache and restart Nautilus:

rm -rf ~/.cache/thumbnails/
nautilus -q

Make this change in the PKGBUILD:


Unfortunately, still nothing. As I’ve mentioned before, previously just installing “ffmpegthumbnailer” was enough. It’s only on this fresh install of Manjaro that I’m having such a problem.

…tells us nothing.

Installed both; restarted Nautilus; restarted my PC. Still no thumbnails are generated.

I do not recommend installing both programs simultaneously as they both aim to accomplish the same task. Rebooting is not necessary.

Tried each one separately. Still no thumbnails generated.

I’m not sure what to tell you. I can neither reproduce it with GNOME 41.4 nor 42.0.

I’ve installed the “minimal” version of Manjaro. Maybe there are some dependencies missing that would be necessary for generating thumbnails on music files?

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