Multiscreen on tiling managers

Ive got a problem to get my three monitor setup to work with tiling managers. I’ve been using ArchBang. And now Manjaro i3, openbox and awesome.

I’ve got two NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti. On one card I’ve got one hdmi monitor and one vga. On the other card I’ve got one hdmi monitor.

On archbang I got all three monitors to run, but the monitor on card two did not run openbox. On manjaro that monitor is not running at all. That’s from the live iso and no config changed. I want to first get a confirmation if it’s possible to run my setup on openbox? Or any other tiling manager? Due to new harddrive I now only run on windows. But want to make a go at linux again.



I installer manjaro awesome. And I got all three monitors to run properly with the help of arandr. The same thing didn’t work archbang. Anyone know why?

I’m glad I got it to work and I’ll give awesome a go.

Did you try arrandr in ArchBang? did you install it?
Now that you have the configuration set, you can export a script with you configuration and add it in any distro you want. Depend of what distro you gonna use, the script needs to be put in the autostart folder, in the config or add to the startup.