Multipoint bluetooth and media pausing

Long time linux and Manjaro user. Recently upgraded to a much nicer laptop, and have settled on the KDE spin of Manjaro.

I use bluetooth headphones with multipoint audio enabled, so I can both listen to msuic / live streams on my personal laptop (system A), as well as take conference calls on my work laptop (system B).

Previously (using an older personal laptop and Manjaro xfce), when audio would come through from system B, system A would just drop audio and keep any media streams going silently until system B was finished with the bluetooth headphones.

Now on this new laptop, when system B takes over audio, it automatically pauses the stream playing of system A. This is what I don’t want. I want the stream to keep playing, just drop audio until system B is done with the headphones.

Any ideas on where in KDE I can disable auto-pausing of media on loss of bluetooth audio focus?


Follow up, kinda solved:

On system B, I simply changed my default audio output device to the built in speakers. I’m just manually setting bluetooth for audio device on meetings as needed.

Not exactly the ideal solution, but it works.