Multiple Z:\usr\bin\ windows


First time ever writing on a forum. Been using Manjaro since January 1st 2022. Day one, nothing compares to the feeling, that being part of something, is real. Have one quick question, have not found or seen anything like it out there. Running VST’s through Wine via Bitwig, Lin-VST as a bridge, everything running so good, of extraordinary beauty, heavenly red carpet one must say. Suddenly aftew Wine update 7.4 to 7.5, a ton of tiny little windows open. One per each VST. For example, if running 10 Win VST’s in a project, 10 tiny windows will open titled: Z:\usr\bin\

Is it a Sandbox kind of tag?

Doesn’t let do anything on that window. Copy, write, select, none. Silk road gets congested. Not the bad part, if only one of the tiny windows is closed, it crashes Bitwig big time, like bad. So curious about it, that made it to be the first question ever asked for support.

Has anyone stumbled upon these?

Something thinks a service is a game. Can’t find out what that something is.


Wine Staging

should a dsmg be posted? should have read rules carefully.

https: //paste. pics/cb06d2b862dcae1b8721d70444823e4f

https: //paste. pics/cc3d7dd123123ae1f932b74ddf6fc8f2

unite two dots with // and pics

It sure threw me off, when I say tiny, the windows are like a 20th of the screeen. Never seen before.

No one knows what you are referring to - so

I guess not

My advice for you WINE adventures, use something like Lutris to create a fixed stable environment that will not change on system updates, instead of directly running with system’s WINE the Windows application. That’s what I do and never a system update broke my WINE applications.

No offense, but why so harsh answer? I am not my self a Wine user, but I can understand that probably he/she is using a not so common solution and problem seems to be inside Wine, so maybe it’s better to ask in a Wine support forum. But at least I would try to do it more politely.

Maybe for some reason you know for a fact that no one in Manjaro forums knows what is he referring to and you can give such answer. If that’s the case, my apologies.

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There is no harshiness behind my answer.

A sincere effort to use modest and proper language and grammar is a sign of respect toward the community that will certainly be appreciated and is quite likely to elicit positive responses. Please refrain from using so-called “textspeak”, “netspeak”, “leetspeak” and all other forms of internet slang.
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Creating a topic assuming that everyone know what I am referring to is not the best way to address a help request.

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It came across as harsh and a little hypocritical to me. There is a bit of an expectation that people will try to do some research before posting or answering, so answering with “NO ONE knows what you’re talking about” is a bit rich, considering that even if you’d never heard of it before, a simple Google search will reveal that Bitwig is a cross-platform digital audio workstation and VST is a popular standard for audio plugins.

You could have just not answered at all or you could have politely asked for more information, but the answer you gave was very unwelcoming and ignorant. It contributed nothing.

I have never used Bitwig, but I’ve certainly heard of it.

I know almost nothing about Bitwig, but if you don’t get help here you might be better off looking for a forum that deals with audio on Linux.

Also maybe you can avoid VSTs that need to run through WINE — VST/VSTi Plugins for Linux.

Throwing a topic in leet speak triggers a leet response - nothing strange nor hypocritical about it.

Search the forum and you wil see - no one has ever created a topic like this before - so it is reasonable to assume no one knows.

This was maybe an undocumented topic on the forum, but this was not leet speak, it was proper english, about a technical topic you may not know nothing about but for sure not inappropriate for the forum.


Doubling down really helps a lot.

It doesn’t matter whether there was harshness “behind your answer”. If people see it as harsh, then maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just accept their input in good faith.

Thank you

It really feels a warm welcome to a vast universe & kind community. Not going to let a rapidfire answer from a member that can’t wait to give a personal opinion on the matter, generalizing and hoping to steer in a negative direction, in order to sync all possible communication routes. A simple “Maybe you should try a forum from the software you’re using” would have suffice. My sincere apologies for not breaking down properly the needs of my question and not narrowing down where it should have been placed at. Indeed, this last January was first time using Linux after 25 years as a superuser on commercial operating systems. Couldn’t handle the way the hardware was dragged to their own purpose. It’s been so long since remember the fan turning on. All silent, beautiful, blazing fast and operational. Mind expanding. In one and a half months managed, starting from scratch with and empty Manjaro canvas, through reading, patience, following guidelines and having crazy flashbacks from taking Penguin, Basic, Pascal courses as a kid with the adults, to be able to have a super stable system with so many options, tools and possibilities. A system specifically tailored to my needs for music production. Upon completion, a couple of good friends that have been managing servers for well positioned companies, using Linux for decades told me to immediately clone & backup the finished work. That they had never seen all functioning in that way, how it was configured. That took to get published and have recognition. Always kept milestones in the underground, since respect is something cherished and all interpretations have their validity. As mentioned before, first post on a forum ever in the life, don’t see the need for an upcoming one. To the kind people that answered from the heart, I bow to you. You truly shine, and thanks to real people like you, these projects are what they are, beyond amazing. Inspirational, magic and extraordinary. Thank you

So did you try to setup a Lutris environment for your Windows application? I see you selected my reply as Solution, but you didn’t reply about that.

Hi. Took the advice of not updating once the system is stable. Lutris sets up the Wine environment more oriented for video games. Leaning towards graphics, not so much audio. Play on linux is half way there, little on the heavy side towards gaming as well. Think the trick is, if your system is running the way it’s desired, when updating packages or in the AUR, it is advisable to take a couple of minutes and read each and every update that is going to kick in and uncheck the ones you think will scramble your setup. Now with Wine, think the best, before loading programs or video games is to sharpen it, to pimp it, then load the software. Remember when getting a new computer with a fresh windows release for example, right after booting it up for the first time, start removing unwanted stuff, amounts of extra things, unnecessary for the most part and work on it. Think that’s how a clean Wine layer should start from the beginning. Loading all that you will be needing, then, your audio software schematics. Making notes, nothing beats pen and paper and a nice understandable capitan’s log of what you did, gonna do or have to do. Follow your own script instead of loading and patching and reversing, and no wait, have to go back, patching, patching. Making a mess without logistics, procedure or small plan. Doing that constant back & forth trial & error clogs your configuration or congests the audio routing which is vital for your recordings & productions. This time, everything was perfect, so clean, so quiet, zero noise, superb, could even hear the rail road tracks that are so far away. All good except when many annoying could be said, little tiny windows describing what I just had opened started popping up everywhere. Since have everything well documented, went ahead, saved files and wiped installation with new one. Let’s see when or where those tiny windows start appearing or hopefully, gone for good. Hope all is well. Cheers

Yes and no, Lutris has lot of easily accessible settings you can set which are oriented towards gaming, but in the end it is just an helper for WINE and why I recommended it is because once you have set up your installation for whatever application you’re using, it doesn’t change, it keeps the WINE version you selected the WINE prefix doesn’t change, your settings, and all, nothing changes. Another similar tool is Bottles maybe you would feel more comfortable with it too (but I never used it, I’m not sure you can fix a WINE version like in Lutris).

Definitely no, Manjaro doesn’t work like that, doing so will put you system in Partial Upgrade state, and at this point it is not supported, things WILL break. Manjaro is a Rolling Release distribution, which means all packages roll together, you need to update everything at same time or else, things WILL break.

If you need a system that doesn’t change every week or so, a Rolling Release is definitely not the way to go, as we receive updates as they come for each packages installed on the system, and often the new bug that come with them.

Point Release distro (like Ubuntu for example) is probably what you want if I understand your use case of the system (music production). Many things change all the time on Rolling Release distribution.

Nice. That’s a great explanation. Thanks for breaking it down how Manjaro works in such a concise way. As soon as get everything running again will add Lutris right away, now have a better understanding of it. Might have been old readings that were referencing it’s usage. I have tried all media related distros. None as solid as Manjaro. At one point Audio, Video, Stills, 3D Graphics, Developing tools, virtual machines, all were perfectly configured together, same computer without a problem. And running heavy graphics, long takes on Davinci Resolve with constant light changing, scrolling up & down huge photo archives of pure RAW files, going through them so fast, 3D Mapping, extreme accurate assignation, DMX Light manipulation, without losing nodes or hardware miscommunication, checking Unreal Engine’s demos & tutorials with tons of loaded tools, PCB design with CADs, Audio worstations running all kinds of Audio Plugin formats, Wine loaded like crazy, to the max. every VST could get my hands on, stopped counting on 930 enabled windows VST’s, being able to run over 40 simultaneously without a single glitch or computer warming up. All in a i7 11th Gen HP Laptop. Impressive. Still jaw dropped. Being able to make long recordings with zero signal to noise ratio, using prosumer gear. Stressing computer on purpose to end up mind blown with the benchmarks employed. Without a single stutter. Sometimes just speechless, with a smile.

Really needed a reliable, professional & robust tool w/ no strings, boy did I find one.

Gonna be alert with your suggestions and advise. Will get Lutris right away. As of now, don’t think another distro could handle all the silly stress tests that Manjaro went through plus being in the field hard working these past weeks. Maybe I’m wrong. Linux has not stopped giving cheerily daily surprises.

Think need to check online Magazines of what’s going on, like in the old days.

Hope all is well. Thank you

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