Multiple sessions

Hello I have ultra wide screen and quite powerfull box. Im looking for some way to load multiple sessions to separate work(vpn, ssh keys and other stuff) from home tasks. I would imagine some kind of VM like flow where one session would open in separate window. I tried rds but it has some lag and peripheral issues, maybe there is some easier, more “native” way of doing this?


From your not very clear description of what you want, the only thing i can think of is to run Nested X sessions, but to be honest i see no benefit of it to “separate” work when all can be done in Activities … and applications windows can be tiled …

using activities is nice for separating some things but not work, as i would like to watch netflix or play games and not share it when sharing whole screen through teams :smiley: same with vpn and in general mixing files or anything else. Currently using kvm to my laptop for work but being limited to still having access to 1 environment at one time. Ill try later xnest.