Multiple screenshot tools not working in Manjaro KDE Edition

Hello, Manjaro community. I'm so happy to be part of the userbase of this distro. I'm a new member of this forum, though I've been a user of Arch Linux since 2011, and of Manjaro since 2017 (first Cinnamon Edition and later GNOME Edition). I hadn't make an account here until today since I had never needed to ask any question, though that day has finally arrived now.

Yesterday I migrated to the KDE Edition, and just as I had finished installing my system and tried to take screenshots to share the results, I was faced with a problem. After the first two screenshots I noticed that Spectacle was no longer capturing what was in the screen at that moment, but that every time I clicked "Take a New Screenshot" it was just showing me one of the screenshots I had previously taken.

At first I thought it was some cache problem with Spectacle, but after clearing the cache and deleting the program's configuration files and the images captured, the issue persisted and it was still pulling those old screenshots from somewhere. I tested other screenshot tools and the result was the same; even GNOME Screenshot did nothing but to "capture" the screenshots previously taken with Spectacle. I never experienced this problem with GNOME Screenshot over Manjaro GNOME Edition despite using it on a daily basis, which leads me to believe it's related to KDE.

I tested with the Live CD and I confirmed that the problem is there (the 18.1.5 ISO currently available in the downloads page). It doesn't always happen, but it's reproducible after a few tries. I also downloaded the ISO of KDE neon and after around 20 tries I couldn't reproduce the bug, therefore I cannot confirm if it's a general KDE bug or something exclusive to Manjaro KDE.

I've searched here and there and I cannot find even a mention of this problem by anyone else, but hopefully someone can reproduce it and help me with it, or at least guide me on how to find the cause and fix it. Thank you.

Edited: I've finally found a tool that seems to be working, so I've renamed the post accordingly.

and use it to screenshot

No issue with spectacle on my system, no idea what's up with yours.

That was one of the programs I tested. The others (alongside the already mentioned GNOME Screenshot) were Grim, Maim, and Shotgun. All of them had the same problem.

I just now tested ScreenGrab and surprisingly I've found that this one doesn't seem to have the issue, so I've renamed the post to mention that it's only multiple (but not all) tools that have this problem. This one is similar enough to Spectacle for my needs, so I guess I can just switch apps now, but I'm letting the thread open for now to see if someone has input on what's going on with the other apps.

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