Multiple Emojis per user post response

Oh … I can place multiple emojis now? interesting …
(maybe we should fix that? … maybe ? …)


It looks like it’s limited to 13 emoji’s total, heh…

…or not.

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…Per user it seems.

Shhh… don’t tell @codesardine :shushing_face:

That will never be abused or anything.

heh. too late. I did the responsible thing and split ze post.

Nope. When you added some it looked like it bumped mine off, but it didn’t. I just added more.

Please don’t, don’t fix what’s not broken… doh!

Now a lot of points … is something very ugly … to read… …
whoosh! :running_man:

(Ugly but sometimes very expressive)

Please don’t fix! Sometimes I need 2 or more emojis to express my feelings like:

:smiling_imp: :innocent: : It’s good and bad
:+1: :beer: : Well done!, have a beer!
:point_up_2: :crazy_face: :+1: : Use this solution: it’s crazy, but it works!

Need I go on?


Indeed… we don’t need a crazy amount of emojis, but need to be able to use two or three at least. Emojies can allow someone to effectively ‘comment on a post’ … without actually having to add a reply. :wink:


Old thread I know, but just seen it.

It’s good not to have too tight restrictions, in case posts need to be concatenated. On an old Forum at one point there was a limit of 5 smileys per post & this caused issues where we had to choose which ones to keep when tidying up.

:beers: :+1: :smile_cat: :smiley: