Multiple Desktop Enviroments

Hello all,

I’m new to manjaro. I installed it using architect. Originally I installed the CLI, but once I got that going I installed XFCE4. I wasn’t really thrilled with so since I like to liveon the edge, I installed Plasma. My question is can i just do sudo pacman -R xfce4 to rid myself of unneeded stuff/



:scream: lol are you sure you want to do that? :laughing: j/k welcome to the best DE out there :slight_smile:

Basically what you want to do is revert the packages listed here :arrow_down: with -Runs except for manjaro-settings-manager :

What is -Runs ?

-n, --nosave
      Instructs pacman to ignore file backup designations. Normally, when a file is removed from the system, the database is checked to see if the file should be renamed with a
           .pacsave extension.
-s, --recursive
           Remove each target specified including all of their dependencies, provided that (A) they are not required by other packages; and (B) they were not explicitly installed by
           the user. This operation is recursive and analogous to a backwards --sync operation, and it helps keep a clean system without orphans. If you want to omit condition (B),
           pass this option twice.
-u, --unneeded
           Removes targets that are not required by any other packages. This is mostly useful when removing a group without using the -c option, to avoid breaking any dependencies.

Thanks for the reply. I think I got it all. Hopefully when I reboot I’ll have no problems