Multiple DE branches - Do they need to be the same?

Hi all. Quick DE question. I have laptop with Manjaro with both KDE and Gnome installed (with different users). Both are on stable right now, but I would like to change one to testing. Can I have one DE on testing and one on stable, or is that impossible, and they both need to be on the same branch? Thanks!

I dont think that is possible unless you have two Manjaro installations, one on the stable branch and the other on testing.


if both DE are install in the same system, I don’t know how, but maybe anyone more savvy can prove me wrong


@chomsky - provided the correct answer. Marked as solution

The system, installed or live media, regardless the DE’s/DE present, can have only one instance of /etc/pacman.conf that handles the `/etc/pacman-mirrors.conf where the branch is set. Multiple branches per installed system is not possible. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated. Thank you all.

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