Multi-page scanner: samsung m2875fw all-in-one

I have a Samsung m2875fw all-in-one print/scan/copy device.

I am using the stable KDE of Manjaro and the end-users for the scanner are non-technical.

Currently I can only scan 1 page at a time with skanlite, but I need a scanning software that can scan >1 page on a rolling scanner.

Any software will do (even GTK).


  • Scan >1 document automatically
  • Create 1 PDF for all scanned documents as output of scan

Can you try gscan2pdf? There you can set how many pages you want to scan. Maybe this works.

I don’t know what a “rolling scanner” is.

I don’t know what a “rolling scanner” is.

I don’t know the correct term but a multi-page scanner that presumably uses a roller to move the pages by itself and scan them?

I also find skanlite to be rather limited, i can’t do multi-pages files with it. I just found out skanpage may do it.
But as far as rolling scanning goes, i don’t know.

simple-scan can do multi page scans, if the scanner is able. I use it with a fujitsu scanner. You need to configure that in settings.