Multi monitors on manjaro guest on linux mint host via QEMU


I’ve been a long time user of linux mint and I’m thinking of making a switch to manjaro a) because I’m a little bored and b) because I’m finding the fixed point release a little wearing these days where the upgrade path between major releases on mint doesn’t look as straightforward as I would like.

So I’m trying out manjaro gnome 21.1.2 as a guest VM on QEMU.

I’m enjoying it so far but I cannot get multiple monitors to work (multiple QXL monitors defined in VM details)

It worked without problem in my only other guest OS - windows 10.

I had brief affair with Fedora and could not get multi monitor working there either.

I’m guessing I need to install something in manjaro to get it to work but I’m not sure what?

Does anybody have any ideas please?

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Hello and welcome,

Did you tried this QEMU - ArchWiki and set the qxl.heads=N kernel parameter, where N is the number of displays you want? (can’t be more than 4)

Have you tried with Spice?


Thank you for replying.

I’m using spice and a windows opens for second monitor but gets no “signal”

If I run arandr/xrandr or display settings only one monitor device can be seen.

I’ll try the kernel param after work and report back.

In QEMU/KVM display settings of the VM do you have it like this (more or less)


And if you use virt-viewer package from official repository then you can run:

remote-viewer spice://localhost:5900

Then in that client window you select how many displays you want:


Yes this is exactly how I have it

Windows != Linux - fortunately :slight_smile: and as you couldn’t get Fedora to use multi monitor it is plausible it is a host configuration issue.

An as you are using Linux Mint then - as I see it - it is not a Manjaro issue and subject to be closed for that reason.


I guess I was expecting there was some config or extra drivers required for multiple monitors regardless of whether its virtual or not.

New machine coming tomorrow - I shall be installing manjaro for real - will see how I get on with real monitors.

I never got manjaro guest in linux host to work with multiple monitors on Qemu.

However, installing manjaro for real on my new machine (B550 / Ryzen 5700 / onboard graphics) the displays were recognised and no extra work required other that moving them about in “Display Settings”

So for the record I have realised that the answer is probably that I needed to install the spice guest utils on the manjaro guest OS I was trying out

This provides the correct display driver.

This is what I had to do with windows guest on linux host.

Sadly I have had to abandon manjaro and go back to linux mint.

I could not get my windows guest in QEMU on the manjaro install on my new machine to work.

The windows installer gets a BSOD page fault.

But I really loved working with gnome 40 and manjaro - very slick on the whole. Linux mint seems quite boring now. But a safer place.