Multi Monitor Display Issues

So,lets start from the beginning. Im fairly new to Linux.This is my second distro. Before I had used Kde Plasma with Debian.I've had Manjaro for about a week now,and I had just updated the Drivers.When I logged out(I didn't restart,just logged out) my first monitor had three tiny displays,each in a line,kinda like a strip of film.On my second Monitor,the screen was cropped normal cut off at the end,and put in the beginning.When I first was it it was low res,later when I checked in monitor it was 640X420.It was also registering as one Monitor,and I had not seen that Monitor name before.When I went to change the res 640X420 was the only option.I had tried to restart and change settings in the Monitors,that didn't help.I tried reinstalling all the drivers,that didnt help either.Before I reinstalled the drivers again,the second monitor was off,and the first monitor was like the second one.When I reinstalled the drivers,it went back to Its first state.My computer is basically unusable,I need help.Thank You!

That is not the beginning story ... :stuck_out_tongue:
In order to help you out with the issue/issues you have on your installed system, we need some specific information. Here is a topic that will point you to the right direction on how to provide such information.

Undo whatever you did that rendered the system unusable, even reinstall and lets move from there forward.

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