Multi desktop panel question

So I’m in the middle of trying to switch over from windows 10 to linux, even got a 2nd video card for passthrough for a windows vm with in linux to play games at near full speed.

But my main hangup is just about all the linux distro seems to like to pile all your icons for the open programs on the main monitors taskbar/panel. For example what I’m trying to have it do is if for example I drag firefox from my main monitor to my left monitor I would like it to remove the icon from the main monitors panel/taskbar to the one on the left. Its less cluttered that way.

I ended up installing manjaro cinnamon and can get a 2nd panel/taskbar whatever its called up on my other monitors but cant seem to figure out that last setting.

Any ideas?


If you use the Grouped Window list applet, then the Pined application will always show on the Panel(number) is pined to - when they are not open, and when are open, regardless where the window of it is placed (Primary or Secondary screen).

That doesn’t seem to do what I was wanting. Well I made a gif recording showing what I was trying to explain here on windows 10 of what I was trying to get it to do but it wont let me post links here.

I am not at my dual-monitor setup now so I have not been able to verify this but and linux mint - Adding the Cinnamon panel to the second monitor - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange both say this behavior should be default if you add a second panel to the second monitor and add a Window List applet to the new panel.

That functionality does not exist. Any application icon you add to a panel, stays on that panel regardless of what display it is on.

I am trying to understand your reasoning for this functionality and I can’t seem to understand the use case.
In my own Distro, I reconfigured the entire Cinnamon Desktop, you may want to check it out, may suit your needs?