Multi Boot loader error in new update manjaro gnome

Im using lenova ideapad laptop with 4 gb ram and amd a6 7th gen processor. I dual booted the manjaro with windows 10 by custom partition create new efi and / and swap. It worked well. But after manjaro installed i multibooted kde neon. In kde neon grub manjaro is showing but after selecting it is not boot to os. Just like freezed. I switched to manjaro boot loder and manjaro worked. But every time i shutdown and open i need fix grub rescue. That is too erritating. I swiched to kde neo bootloader,windows and kde os work well but manjaro is not opening. Please help.i need manjaro.

KDE neons grub isn’t able to boot Manjaro properly.
Use Manjaros grub as primary boot loader to boot Manjaro.

You need to restore grub boot loader from Manjaro as described here: