MSM Notifier - how to only notify for new LTS kernel

I am getting notified once in a while about new Kernels being available via the “MSM Notifier”.

As I want to only use LTS kernels … how can I only be notified if LTS Kernel may be available and not (as happening at present) for any new available Kernels?

Have you tried right-clicking the notifier widget and looking at its options?

Theoretically, the notifier can be set to only notify new LTS kernels, or even LTS recommended kernels. But lately, i am notified of a new kernel outside that setting too…

I haven’t found a problem with the code though… :man_shrugging:

Can you specify where that setting is to be found?

So, there is a misbehavior, but no bug can be identified. So I guess we may have to live with that for the time being.


Go to settings → click on manjaro notifier settings → thick check new kernels and
** only notify LTS kernels** , Apply Quit .

But like @maycne.sonahoz said, I receive new kernel messages outside this setting. This started happening yesterday after the update. I am thinking of disabling MSM Notifier from startup, because it happens only at startup in my case, to see what will happen.
I will try with different settings and post back.

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Like I said


  1. MSM Notifier disabled at start. → no messages all day.
  2. MSM Notifier enabled at start
    Check new kernels
    → only notify recommended kernels. → no messages.
    → only notify LTS kernel && only notify recommended kernels. → no messages.
    → only notify LTS kernel. → message about new kernel although I am running 5.10 LTS.

So for now I am disabling MSM Notifier.

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Can you please create an issue with your findings?

Issue created.

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