MSM Next Generation

Miscellaneous module mockup (PulseAudio settings should be moved to the separate module ideally but it’s just a mockup after all)


Feature Request
On the left side, add an item to execute the Desktop Settings (i.e., xfce4-settings-manager), so the user can always start with MSM and get to all settings without revisiting the main menu to find and open the Desktop Settings. This would go along with your tight integration philosophy.

GUI component speaking-wise, how do you refer to the left side? Is it a panel and “Hello” is an item or link?

MSM modules will be integrated to DE settings (for now only for XFCE and KDE, GNOME later).

Panel (or side menu) and item, yes.

Cool! Thanks.

I would like to suggest, if it’s possible, including a tool similar to gnome-firmware:

It could be really useful… :grinning:


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Linux Driver Management module is still in planning state but I think it should perfectly fit there.

Disabling pcspkr feature added to git

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@Ste74 I think this seems something we could throw into the gnome edition?

Why not… this function is also provided by gnome-software but in our case we mimic gnome-software with pamac… i have look at this app some time ago when the project started and i was interested on it already. The only negative note is: not support for all manufactured but this is the problem of fwupd …