MSM "new kernel notification" discussion

I honestly dont know as I remove the thing.
But if thats the case then I suppose it could use a bit more tweaking.

but new kernels is another thing, totally different from software. Your currently installed kernels are updated as normal software updates. A new kernel is to be added usually only if you need it to solve some problem that is stuck because it is connected to the kernel.
And I think you belong to the “I know what I am doing” user category… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

problems created for no reason are not welcome IMHO. And this approach should not be the Official Manjaro treatment to new users (again IMHO)

Users that want or expect or wait for a newer kernel, would read the Announcements, as they have a running issue that needs a fix (whether a bug, or a “feeling of cutting edge” :wink:). Others should not bother, unless their running kernel gets EOL.

Also this needs some love. I think it depends on the DE and Notifications system/mechanism. If there is a “memory” for “Do not remind me again about this”, it can be great. If not, then MSM Notifications system/mechanism should have an option to imitate or maintain a “memory” bank. A field in the kernels list might do the job.

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So a kernel is hardware. :laughing: Apologies for being a curmudgeon but kernels are software.

(And I thought Manjaro was a rolling software distribution. :smiling_imp:)


Currently we have following settings by default:

    QSettings settings( "manjaro", "manjaro-settings-manager" );
    m_checkLanguagePackage = settings.value( "notifications/checkLanguagePackages", true ).toBool();
    m_checkUnsupportedKernel = settings.value( "notifications/checkUnsupportedKernel", true ).toBool();
    m_checkUnsupportedKernelRunning = settings.value( "notifications/checkUnsupportedKernelRunning", true ).toBool();
    m_checkNewKernel = settings.value( "notifications/checkNewKernel", true ).toBool();
    m_checkNewKernelLts = settings.value( "notifications/checkNewKernelLts", true ).toBool();
    m_checkNewKernelRecommended = settings.value( "notifications/checkNewKernelRecommended", false ).toBool();
    m_checkKernel = m_checkUnsupportedKernel | m_checkNewKernel;


See also here:

However, there is still a bug in MSM when there are database updates not made properly. Therefore it may still recommend to install new kernels, even there aren’t any available in given series. So far we didn’t found any solution to this matter.

I think you are all reading this the wrong way, As a Arch user software is only updated when deemed stable Manjaro has the habit of releasing alpha/beta kernels, the reason given is “because I can” this is not good policy their is to much of this “because i can” creeping into Manjara lately in the long term it does damage, Put it into perspective in 13 years I have only had one bad kernel in Arch Linux that was fixed in hrs, even a notice was put on the home page to apologise for the mess.
Manjaro Stable should never have any Alpha/beta kernels offered to users, don’t give the crap its a rolling release, Manjaro states it a stable release with tested software and that should be adhered to at all times. I used Manjaro for many years in no way was Manjaro stable a solid distro in fact as others have stated before testing is more stable why rolling is what it says rolling updates daily as released if you encounter a problem its fixed next day or so, Manjaro stable is not rolling its batch updates has never worked never will end of


Those look like good defaults, however, if I’m not mistaken, I recently got notifications to install the 4.20 series kernel on three machines, though this should not happen according to the settings. Maybe this is the bug that you describe in


Technically you are right, but while having the newest version of userspace software is desirable since there might be nice new features, having the newest kernel is only desirable if you use recent hardware which is not supported by older ones. In other cases the kernel version hardly matters and as a non-savvy user one would like to have as little hassle with kernels as possible.

Concerning default settings: I think that the current defaults are the best choice (if they would work as intended!). Getting notification only when the currently used kernel is EOL is a bit too late in my opinion. What if the newer kernels introduce some problems? Then you have to solve the problems immediately or stick to an EOL kernel. If, however, the notification appears whenever an LTS kernel is added, you can switch to it, see if there are some problems and in such a case there is enough time to deal with them till the previously used kernel gets EOL.

I never really cared for this layout. Not particularly “new user friendly,” I would say. How about something like this:


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Actually, thinking about this: What happens if both checkboxes “Only notify LTS kernels” and “Only notify recommended kernels” are active? Is it an OR or an AND conjunction?

kernels are firmware :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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this MSM issue with ignoring options just happened again on my machines running KDE testing

components installed:
manjaro-settings-manager 0.5.5-4
manjaro-settings-manager-kcm 0.5.5-4
manjaro-settings-manager-knotifier 0.5.5-4

system last successfully updated with March 14th 2019 updates.

steps to recreate:

  1. have kernel 5.0.2 installed
  2. remove kernel 5.0.2

should be AND if it is not already not OR


Same for me.

If you ask me what I would do with the kernels, it would be:

  • Just upgrade them as any other package does, gotten from Arch itself.
  • If you choose proprietary graphic drivers during installation, default to LTS.
  • If you don’t, default to the regular kernel. And provide the LTS as fallback.
  • If any other person needs a different kernel, choose it from the package manager.

Did it take you lots & lots of edits before you attained this visually pleasing columnar symmetry?

Tis most impressive.

See my response to you from yesterday:

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Careless drafting of my preceding post lead you to a logical yet incorrect conclusion. Fixed [i hope].

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