MSM "new kernel notification" discussion


While I see your viewpoint about Manjaro keeping up with the newest releases software wise, I don’t think kernels should be lumped into that category.

If Firefox stops working on an update the user hopefully has an alternate browser installed. If wine quits running no great loss.

If your kernel stops booting, that is often beyond the knowledge level for new users to remedy on their own. New users often delete the old kernel when they update and have no alternate kernel to boot to.

There should really be a message displayed in that regard to my way of thinking. I mean, if MSM is giving recommendations to perform an operation with potentially negative consequences, it should also give a recommendation to maintain at least one backup kernel. I think if MSM is going to be giving recommendations at all, it should at least balance the advice it is giving with some safety based recommendations.


Broken record time…
At the very least the wording could use some changes.


I think there is a difference between staying current with software and the kernel notifications.

I would think most of the people who understand the implications of using a brand-new kernel don’t need a notification system recommending they install it.


Basically, Jonathon suggested this discussion should be in a thread in the feature request sub-forum. I did not realize this topic had been beaten to death. My apologies if members have seen this brought up many times before.


Oh no, I didnt mean it in a chiding way … more to the effect of ‘oh yeah … we’re still talking about this’


You are right!
And besides: I always get notifications about new kernels to install even if they are NOT LTS kernels. And these are my adjustments I made for the notifier:
I should only get notifications about LTS kernels. But I get it every time a new kernel is available.

MSM "new kernel notification" discussion

As a reminding, LTS has nothing to do with current age or stability, only a “promise” that it will be supported for long time… So when LTS is first introduced may will still need improvements. :wink:


Just wanted to show that the notifier needs improvement. At the moment I’m running the 4.19 kernel which is LTS but that wasn’t the reason for using it. :wink:


Having given this a bit more thought, the default notification should appear when there’s a new “recommended” kernel.

In my view, the “recommended” kernel should be the one used by the installer image, therefore the notification should only appear when the installer image switches.

As the installer image only switches a few releases after the LTS status confirmation, this mitigates new kernel regressions but still prompts people to update to a newer, stable, LTS kernel.


I have the same settings and I don’t remember receiving notifications for non-LTS kernels, but I may be wrong as I often ignore them.


Can’t agree here. Rebooting into the old, still installed kernel is very easy.

It is not hard to direct them to the grub menu where they only need a couple of clicks.

Yep, that would be good.

(It is probably confirmation bias but I remember more, thankyou for 4.20 it solved ‘x’ problem for me messages, than oh no 4.20 won’t boot messages recently.)


My understanding is that the prompt, that I agree could be revised, is for those who would otherwise not consider/know about upgrading the kernel.



If a system works perfectly well with an existing LTS kernel then why recommend users upgrade just because it’s now used for a new ISO? I personally don’t see the necessity to recommend an upgrade for that reason.

I actually feel your prior post is the correct approach.



So refining it - notification if you’re running an EOL kernel, “Recommended” label should be the one used on installation media?

I wonder if it’s worth notifying if there’s a new “Recommended” kernel… newer kernels do have more features and tend to be more performant…


It’s the same for me. This seems like a long standing (or recurring) bug.


We could have three options.
-Notify of a new LTS kernel (default)
Delay this option till it’s X.XX.1 release, because by then, the bugs should be fixed.

-Notify of any new kernel (Warning: new kernels can introduce system instability. Only use this option if you know what you are doing

-Don’t Notify of any new kernels


Please leave the default notifications as they are. The reason I’m using a rolling release distro is to be on the newest software. There are pros to pushing newer kernels as well like more testing feedback and future-proofing new hardware. If new users have problems they can find help in the forum, just like for everything else. If someone updates kernels without backups that is a learning experience. Not a reason to change one of this distro’s main attractions.


Again … to me, the point isnt so much the notification as it is the implication that you should change kernels … when that isnt even necessarily the system recommendation.

IE :

Newer kernel is available, please update.


Won’t the notification stay (and come back at reboot if you close it), unless you install the new kernel?