MSM - Change kernel notification policies


Perhaps it’s time the policy for Manjaro Settings Manager with regards to kernel notifications should be rethought. Recommending users update every time a new kernel is released seems inappropriate. To my mind this contributes to unnecessary support requests on the forum when users experience severe bugs on the new experimental kernels.

Unless a user is already experiencing issues on their current kernel upgrading hardly seems necessary. Recommending an update at every new kernel release seems imprudent. Unless the users current kernel has become EOL a simple notification that a new kernel is available seems sufficient.

I feel that updating should only be recommended when the current kernel is EOL, (or possibly when a new LTS kernel has come out).

Many new users become very upset and blame Manjaro when they install a new kernel at MSM’s recommendation and then experience severe issues on the new kernel. Removing the general recommendation to install every new kernel that comes out would seem like a far better policy to adopt in my mind.


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