MSI Laptop Optimus/Nvidia Question

I have an older MSI laptop with an Intel/Nvidia (K2000m) Gpu.

Here is my question. I use the laptop only at home and interact mostly with the external monitor (except for booting).

How can I install Manjaro so that the Nvidia card powers the external screen all the time? As mentioned, the laptop is plugged in all the time and I don't care about power/battery usage.
There is no BIOS option to turn off the intel gfx chip. I connect the display via display port.

In the past, I was able to install Manjaro on it and the external screen always got detected. The other day I installed XFCE w non-free driver option and only the laptop display was available.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. - v

prime would probably be the best way of doing that, and both the laptop screen and outputs will work.


Thank you for the info and link.

Here's the "thing" .... I run Manjaro on my main workstation and it's 100%. My laptop runs a different distro, also the XFCE DE but every time it wakes up, I have to manually disable the laptop screen because it doesn't save the configuration although I chose that option.

Manually disabling the laptop monitor (which I don't use) takes maybe 30 seconds but configuring according to that link is a lot of work. I'll increase the sleep/power off value to an hour to save myself all those steps which would probably lead to a timeshift reset which puts me in the same position that I am in now.
Too bad, this just used to work 12 months back. - v

Then why don't you ask in the forum of that distro if you have a problem with it?

This seems to me rather an issue of the monitor setup rather than a driver issue. Xfce introduced with 4.14 display profiles maybe have a look into that:

IMO it is not that much work. Step 5 is only required for the display manager you are using e.g. lightdm. However, this tutorial is specific to Manjaro anyway.

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@firefightux (btw, cool nick)

I was trying to simplify my setup and use Manjaro on every machine. The distro running on the laptop is good but not amazing. Timeshift backups pile up (don't overwrite existing ones after limit is reached) and then there is the monitor setup.
In the past, Manjaro dealt amazingly well wit the above but was poor in local file sharing. Now, for some reason, SAMBA works fine and since that was my reason for looking to another distro I did.

The big surprise was when Manjaro, for the first time, simply did not see my external monitor which is a ultrawide 34" display. I didn't expect issues in the display department but .... maybe it's time to retire that laptop or just use it for W10 related jobs such as OBS etc. Thanks for you info. I will read up on it some more now.

if you want the external monitor to work, setup prime or optimus-switch. or if you must use fumblebee :nauseated_face: you can use intel-virtual-output to enable the external video ports.

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