MSI Afterburner alternative?

Is there an alternative to MSI's Afterburner? I want to set my graphics card to not pass the 70°C (that's 160°F for you yankees :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). If it's possible to do so using terminal or whatever, please teach me how to do so.


Was the top search using Duckduckgo typing in "MSI afterburner linux"

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Damn, that was fast :sunglasses:
I've used GreenWithEnvy before and it borked my install, so I'll admit that I'm quite hesitant to use it again...

I'll try the ones in that reddit thread, though.

Thanks again!

I think GreenWithEnvy is the only one for NVIDIA on Linux. You can always just adjust your stuff in the BIOS instead.

Nvidia X Server Settings has some rudimentary features, but I much prefer GWE.

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