MS DirectX license

Is it theoretical possible to buy the dX license from Microsoft? For example via crowed founding? I mean let’s say we have 70-80 billion Linux user. Everyone should spend 20-40 dollar to buy it for 2250000000 dollar :sweat_smile: i gues some would spend more and some less but maybe that would be possible​:see_no_evil::crazy_face: and yes it is a serious question :pray:

There are “only” ~ 7.8 billion living humans - every single one of them would need to impersonate 10 Linux users to get to 80 billion … :wink:
with $ 2.25 billion for that license, every living human would need to give ~ $ 0.25
one tenth of that if there where 80 billion :wink:

but of course it is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Why do Linux users need it? There is Vulkan which is intended to have better performance than DirectX.

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