Mpv is taking time to intiate

mpv is taking 5-10 secs to load whether it could be a video or simple audio
can anyone help me in this?

Here is my ~/.config/mpv folder

Can you start mpv on console to see, what is taking time to start ?

It doesn’t give any error if I try to start any youtube video/audio in console but takes time to start the video/audio

I hope you know that mpv doesn’t read mpv_linux.conf it should be mpv.conf.

How are you doing that? Tools like youtube-dl or yt-dlp do take time to launch.

ohh really yt-dlp takes this much time to load mpv?
like 5 secs is ok but it literally takes 10 secs of time

Can you share the command you are using so I can replicate if it does or doesn’t.

its taking time cause of the number of script ive added in the scripts folder and those scripts making mpv slow to load?

mpv “Drive Forever (Russian Remix) - Peaky Blinders (4K) - YouTube

btw im running mpv with prime-run

Takes 5-7 seconds on mpv with yt-dlp on my side. I think that much time is expected. You can try with vlc if that makes any difference → vlc "<link_to_video>"

but there is not opn to adjust the vdeo quality in vlc thats why im using mpv

and also i dont know why mpv takes almost 300mb of ram but vlc only takes 100-150 ram for the same vdeo

Is it because the quality of vdeo mpv giving than vlc?

Issue Solved :slight_smile:
If you look at my mpv_linux.conf file
location for shaders script was wrong



as I changed it to ~/.config/mpv/shaders and also renamed mpv_linux.conf to mpv.conf and then mpv started opening in less than 5 secs

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