MPRIS icon is missing from Plasma5.13 panel in testing branch



Just reporting the bugs to make Manjaro better.

Here is the icon in stable branch:


This is how it looks like on testing


Mine is completely missing, I’m going to upgrade it again to see if it is changed.


What i noticed is different then before (aside the ugly icon) and more related to functionality, the player must be on play so the icon comes out from “hiding” in the SysTray …


What icon theme are you using? I can see it with the breeze icon theme, but nothing with the breath icon theme which is the default icon theme of Manjaro.


We spoke a bit about it on this post

They changed more than the icon itself as no longer respects any of the Workspace, Desktop themes or the icon theme.
I use Arc-Dark as Desktop theme and papirus icons, but that MPRIS icon has no relation to any of them, and it seems will not show up if you have any themes in ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme


I don’t have any theme in ~/.local/share/plasma, I don’t have this folder either.
It still happens in the stable branch now.