Moving the Gnome dock to default location(bottom)

I have uninstalled dash-to-dock plugin, and all other manjaro specific gnome tweaks. But the the dock still stays at the left side of the screen.

Did you restart the system or the shell/session?

yes i restarted the system but nothing changed

in the layouts app you can change

I reinstalled the whole system but the problem persists

I think you’re confused. Stable branch is still running the 3.38 shell I believe, and the default location for the favorites bar is on the left. If you disable Dash to Dock, the bar will only show when you go to Activities. This is default behaviour. You cannot get the dock on the bottom unless you enable Dash to Dock, or wait for Gnome 40.

tl;dr: Gnome 3 default dock location is on the left.