Moving swapfile to an external HDD


I have installed manjaro minimal rpi4 and I have attached an external HDD, and following the guide in wiki arch about swap I have created a swapfile in the external HDD to avoid degrading the SDcard.

So now all works fine but when I type swapon I see the swapfile I’ve created and /dev/zram0
so I swapoff /dev/zram/0 but every time I do restart, I have to manually swapoff since both are running.

Is there any way to avoid having to manually swappoff each time or delete the /dev/zram0?

Thank you

Disable zswap-arm.service with sudo systemctl disable zswap-arm.service and reboot. zram0 should now be gone.

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Now it is gone, thanks a lot @Strit !

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