Moving my old drive to a new computer doesn't work

Hi all,
I run Manjaro on a daily basis but still consider myself a newbie. Now it's time for me to upgrade to a new computer. I put my old SSD in to my new computer, hoping it would just work but it didn't unfortunately. The new computer finds the disk and comes as far as the boot menu but then it just stops. I have read around a bit and believe that the problem might be the switch from Intel to AMD CPU or perhaps something disk related like UUIDs but noob as I am with Linux I could be completely wrong.

Boot menu works and I can drop to Grubs commandline or press "e" to edit boot settings but that is it, nothing else works.

Just a side note: I know many people recommend to reinstall but if it is in any way possible to solve this without reinstalling then I would rather go for that option. Only time I would consider reinstalling would be if it is technically impossible to get it to work by swapping the disk. I'd almost rather just go back to my 7 year old Dell than have to configure my whole system to my needs one more time.

with USB install manjaro
open a terminal , returns

inxi -Fxxxz
fdisk -l

Ok, thanks I will do this ASAP but I have to move the disk back to my old computer and download/burn the Manjaro install to usb. I go to work in 1.5 hours so maybe i will not have the time but I will report back as soon as I have done this.

Edit: even live usb does not boot. Could it be a hardware compatibility issue with the new computer maybe?

Edit 2: just found out that you can't run the rx 5700 xt card on most distros yet so if that is the only issue then I guess all I can do is wait.

check all option bios on new computer

you need an ISO with the updated systemd. assuming your looking for kde

Oh thx, I'll try it out when I'm free from work. Any idea when the update for the 5700 cards will become available in stable rolling updates? As it is now I use my old rx 580 card and the new computer works great. Just waiting for a kernel/mesa (?) combo that handles the new card. Or is it simply systemd version that is in the way of it working?

that iso i linked is on the stable branch, as for the 5700 card i thought the latest update fixed the new amd hardware issues but i'm not 100% sure on that.

edit: @alexfrost actually now im not so sure if thats true or not since after reading this thread and the phoronix links on it. looks like 5.3 is the beginning of it's support

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Ah yes, then it is as I suspected. I remember reading an older article that said the same thing. Oh well no biggie, I'll just run my rx 580 until 5.3 comes out.

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