Moving from single-drive dual boot to two-drive dual boot

Hello! Currently I have Windows and Manjaro installed on the same drive with my /home on a separate drive, but I wanted to try moving Manjaro entirely to that separate drive. Due to having my home folder on this new drive already, I’m a bit confused as to what the best way to do this is.

Would I be right in thinking that I can:
1- Clone the Manjaro root partition from the Windows drive to a new partition on the separate drive
2- Delete the Manjaro partition on the Windows drive
3- Follow the steps here to chroot into the newly copied partition and update-grub to make it bootable

I am hoping to not have to reinstall Manjaro completely, but if that is the better option I will try it.

Thanks :​)

I’d rearrange the order of the steps a bit.
first 1
then 3
and only after when that was successful
step 2

so that you still have the original to go back to and can try again in case you don’t get it right :sunglasses: