Moving From Mint to Manjaro

I have been useing Linux mint for 3 years and have desided to move to Manjaro, so that i can get used to the basics of arch linux.

When useing Linux mint they where some software which i used all the time, but cannot seem to find it on manjaro.

These are;

A Basic Input output Sound manager

  • which alows you to which which output you want to use
  • which comes up when you type sound in the program search bar
    A Basic Drive Partition Viewer
  • which shows the partitions on the drives
  • alows you to add remove fomat drives
  • which comes up when you search for drives
    A Basic Network Manager
  • allows you to setup a static IP
  • allows you to configer proxy settings

If anyone knows any software which can do this i would be more than happy

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Directly on the frontpage of the Arch Wiki you will find

I would suggest to find out what applications you were using on Mint, run a task manager for example when opening the app you want to get the name of. Then search it on the Arch Wiki or with a package manager on Manjaro.

Manjaro Wiki is a great source of knowledge, too.

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Mint isn’t a Linux version cooked up from scratch.

It is simply a collection of standard Linux tools like most distros. Anything you found in mint will probably be available in Manjaro and usually under the exact same name that mint used.

In any event, I’d recommend you first install the version of Manjaro you want, Xfce, KDE, or maybe one of the Community Editions. (You see, Manjaro has many flavors).

If you don’t find exactly the same name, ask, and someone will tell you what the Manjaro equivalent it.


Coming from Mint, I would assume you are interested in the Cinnamon Community Edition. I believe there is an equivalent for all of those utilities baked in. There are “Networks”, “Disks”, and “Sound” utilities (Networks and Sound also have applets in the system tray already), all of which do everything you listed above. There is also GParted by default, which is probably more common formatting/re-partitioning disks. They even all come up with the same keywords you listed above.

If you haven’t already, you may want to spin up a virtual machine with Manjaro on it. That is probably the easiest way to play with it and determine if what you need is already available.

for the sound : Pavucontrol
for the disks & USB : Gparted
for Network : NetworkManager


Manjaro has all that, but the specifics depend on your desktop environment. For example, the KDE edition comes with the KDE partition manager, but you can easily uninstall it and replace it with Gparted, if you’re more familiar with that one.

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Install VirtualBox in your current Mint environment, install the latest Manjaro release into a new VM, update it, and see for yourself. Try XFCE, KDE, Cinnamon, LxQt or any of the other flavours.

No need to commit to a bare metal installation until you are sure it has everything you need and/or want. Just make sure your hardware is supported first in the Manjaro Live environment.

Personally, my first distro was Mint and IMO Manjaro is a far superior distro… why?

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Thank your for your help, ill have a look and see what i can find. I still have mint on my desktop so ill have a look and see what software is insatlled on that.

Im Currently useing XFCE, since its a nice chnage from Cinnamon. However i beleve i can install Cinnamon, and simply select it on the logon screen like Debian and Ubuntu.

Thanks again for all of your help.

To install cinnamon with latest theming and latest stuffs:

Indeed you can, Manjaro is easy to swap between DE’s, I do it all the time to keep from boredom :smiley:

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