Moving a game with steam makes system unresponsive

I’m currently moving CS:GO from my HDD to my SSD where Manjaro is installed and I have a CPU utilization from around 30-40 % up to 70-80 % making the system unresponsive or responding with a huge delay.
It should neither take such an amount of CPU usage to simply copy files, nor should the system be almost unresponsive during a load of roughly 80 %.
What’s going on here?

You may try to switch to TTY with ctrl+alt+F2, login then use top to look at what process takes that much CPU.

Thanks, I tried to reproduce this and moved a game to my HDD and CPU usage never really got above 20 %. But moving it back to my SSD got me the same behavior. The processes using most of the CPU were mount.ntfs-3g and steam. Maybe it’s just poor optimization?