Move Triple Boot


I got a tripple boot(Manjaro (main, manages grub), Windows, Ubuntu) on a 256 GB SSD. And there is one problem with it: The space is very limited on that drive. So therefore I was considering to buy a 1TB SSD and move the whole system there.

Since my time is limited, I wanted to ask if the following movementscheme works:

  1. Boot from a Livesystem
  2. use dd to clone the 256GB SSD to the 1TB SSD. (dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb)
  3. use Gparted to increse the partition-size and move partitions.
  4. Boot from those systems and have fun

Thank you for your answer in advance.

AFAIK this should work, just make sure to also resize the filesystems afterwards, not just the partition.

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If you clone your partitions, I guess there will be anyway new UUIDs. So into the Live environment, don’t forget to check in /etc/fstab and to modify accordingly.

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I would rather create a new GPT table on the new disk and copy the partitions. Then you can resize the partitions acc. to your needs as well. Afterwards, correct the /etc/fstab as explained by @Falav and potentially entries in /etc/default/grub, boot into your system via a live ISO and manjaro-chroot, restore the boot loader and then run

sudo update-grub

with prior os-prober enabled in your /etc/default/grub by


to generate the entries for the other OS in grub’s boot menu. It could be required to re-assign the ESP in your firmware.


I moved a multiboot Linux/Windows install to new pc using:

CloneZilla that restores the UUID of your filesystems ( very important in my experience )

As precaution save the given UUID in terminal:

Restore them as needed in terminal:
tune2fs -U uuid device

I don’t know but i think its not only fstab where UUID are saved?! Perhaps systemd also? To avoid all this take CloneZilla. Ok its hard to handle. To accept proposed options is a good choice.

Good luck :slight_smile:

What i didn’t understand: Windows 10 feeled ok on totally new hardware and didn’t want to be activated again … :slight_smile:

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Thank you all very much for your input.

Without it, I will probably have failed. I will try it. :smiley:

And in case everything goes wrong, I would still have a backup.

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Hello everybody, just a short update:

I’ve done it, like @JohnML suggested with CloneZilla, which did the job quite well for me. :smiley:

My problems where (which I was able to solve):

  1. Getting an error on fsync with the code Number 5. Solution was: Let CloneZilla interactive check the partitions
  2. CloneZilla didn’t find the new SSD. The problem was, I didn’t put it in correctly.

Nice to hear :slight_smile:

In first place i had trouble using CloneZilla … not really intuitive the menues … its a great tool if you learnt how to use it!

Pay attention: restored CloneZilla images lead to double UUID and grub will boot the first UUID it finds!

Unplug the “old” device before you start after CloneZilla restore.

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