Move the save and cancel buttons?

Hi, Linux noob here. i just updated and restarted my computer and now when i try to save something the “save” and “cancel” buttons as well as the name field are at the top of the window now, when before they were at the bottom. i cant seem to find the setting for this anywhere and i would really like it back at the bottom, any help would be much appreciated.
hopefully i’m explaining this well enough… just right click and save as to see the window i’m talking about.

You are not providing any context -

Is this happening in a browser - which one? not that it matters just for the record.

I think you mean the GTK file dialog - which is a part of the toolkit. How the buttons are placed is usually controlled by the theme in use.

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Sorry for the confusion, yes i was talking about “right click and save as” in google chrome.
Your tip about GTK was exactly what i was looking for, Thanks!
I went into the Graphical Setting Editor for XFconf then the xsettings channel and deselected the DialogsUseHeader property, this moved the “save” and “cancel” buttons back down to were they were.

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