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In home page, the search bar with the welcome message are distracting from the forum content and occupy huge space of the page, I think the search bar should be pushed to top right like what is set on other pages and the welcome message should be removed because the content of the page is enough to express the page intent.

It’s only a few lines of text. If you really dont like it you can always install the ublock origin add on in your browser and use the element picker to delete those lines so they wont bother you again.


It’s just that the search bar is a tool that is not always used by people and should not be a part of the content, and here the tool is given more priority than the content.
The home page gives the impression like you are on search engine and not a forum.

NB: Sorry, it’s just personal feeling :wink: and nothing against the search bar :slight_smile:

No more welcome and no more search bar


That worked perfectly ;), I didn’t know adblock plus could do it.

Its a feature of ublock origin. It is really handy if you want to remove certain stuff from websites you visit often.

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All that stuff is actually only present in the light Material theme. I think when the Dark Material theme is complete that interface change will be moved to the light theme ( @bogdancovaciu? ).

If you use a plugin like Stylus you can use the following css code:
.custom-search-banner-wrap {
display: none;

Kind of similar to what the adblocker does.

Although it’s a shame, the search button is not present in that theme on the homepage.

I think if the Search Banner is enabled for first page, then the search banner is not shown. Is not decided for me yet how is best. Tend towards the button because the banner take up some visual space. I made no progress yet, as i hade something else to deal with, but hope soon to get back on tweaking the theme.

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