Move cryptsetup password prompt to after GRUB menu

Hello, new user, first few days on Manjaro after over a decade on Ubuntu and I love the experience already.

I have a pretty standard laptop install: multiboot, with OEM Windows 10, and linux on the side (so EFI partition is already here). Linux is on a fully encrypted partition, I was happy to see the installation wizard supports such scenario. Unfortunately despite different approaches - /boot on unecrypted partition etc. - the cryptsetup password prompt appears before GRUB menu, preventing me from booting into completely unencrypted Windows 10. I would like it to work just like I had in Ubuntu, i.e. first the GRUB menu appears and only if I choose Linux is when I get presented with encryption password. Is that possible?

The installer only supports grub and only with encrypted boot.

The only method to select Windows without accessing grub is to use your device’s boot override key.

It is possible to create a scenario where you have the boot menu before loading the encrypted system.

But as this requires the kernel to be placed either on the EFI partition (systemd boot) or an unencrypted /boot (grub) it is considered insecure which is why the installer defaults to use encrypted /boot.

By using the custom partitioning tool in the installer you create a setup with unencrypted /boot and encrypted root.

I did that also, albeit post-install, and the password prompt still appeared before GRUB menu. I was able to esc out of it, though, and see GRUB menu.

Thanks for explanation, maybe I’ll just stay with password prompt before any system choice.

This reads like you did not run grub-install again, to re-generate its efi file. If you changed the /boot from encrypted to unencrypted, that is necessary. Before you re-install it, comment out the “GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y” option in /etc/default/grub. This triggers grub’s password prompt.

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