Mousepad not picking up windows manager settings

Fresh xfce LTS basic edition, changed the window manager settings to smallscreen and most applications pick it up OK, but mousepad and xfce settings manager refuse to use the new style, still got the bulky title bar and colour scheme

This is the problem with unifying the appearance of gtk2/3/4 applications. If you use a gtk3 style that already has a customized window bar style, changing it in the window manager options won’t do anything. This is especially true for applications with csd.

so where do those apps hide/get their current overrides?

so basically what extra do I need to do to correct this?

Theme editing looks like a PITA, I’d like to combine the whole window sorround edge highlighting of the window style therapy with the extra small title bar of smallscreen.

If the gtk theme does not have a subdirectory with the xfwm theme, window manager will use the default theme for applications with csd, and for those without it the theme set in this program. If you download a theme from gnome-look and similar sites, you need to make sure it has xfwm support. Many themes from these sites are only for gnome or mate that use other window managers.

Applications using Client-Side Decorations (GTK3+) only use the colors from the GTK3 theme, and define their thickness and buttons themselves. Window Manager (xfwm4) themes have no effect on them.

Xfce has started including CSD in their applications, which is already done in Xfce Settings Manager and Mousepad, though the latter has setting for disabling CSD.

Thanks not really looked at the separation between window managers and the desktop, so xfce not really directly linked to the gtk project but just uses it as a basis. (I guess gtk is more directly linked with gnome)

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