Mousepad file extensions

I’m very impressed with mousepad text editor but want add some script file extensions.
To be precise I use .en suffix to denote English language php include files and want the php syntax highlighting (I also use the .de suffix to denote German language etcetera… it’s for an experimental multi-lingual website… but that’s a different subject).

Where can I configure the recognition of Mousepad script file types?

Mousepad uses GtkSourceView for syntax highlighting. Might be good to have a look there. :wink:

The styles are located in:


The lang files are here:


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Oh… that was easier than I thought :smiley:… All I had to do was add my .en extension (and presumably works for others too) in the php.lang file as follows:
<property name=“globs”>.php;.php3;.php4;.phtml;*.en</property>
I might even have a go at getting it to spell check <p> sections in the chosen language.

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