Mouseover popup digital clock change format to time and date - how?

When I hover the mouse cursor over the digital clock in the task bar, the popup shows the date in long format, e.g. Wednesday 1 September 2021. Nice, but not enough for me.

How can I change the popup to also show the time in 24 hour format with seconds?

I have configured the digital clock to show date and seconds, and a custom date format of ddd_d/M to get the date on one line only. This setting does not affect the popup, and I cannot find where to set the format for the popup.

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I don’t think you can: It will always show the date in long format.

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You have 2 options:

  • Become a KDE developer and make it happen yourself
  • Add the seconds to the panel like you already did:


Because as you see it in the panel, why would you want that repeated in the popup so it’s not a feature request that lots of users will vote upon…


Could you direct me to the file I must edit to put what I want in the popup?

The clock’s font in the panel is very small, and when I need to see the time I have to take off my glasses and bring the screen close to my eyes. The font in the popup is twice as large as in the panel.

The panel is vertical on the left edge to maximize vertical screen space. The screen on my laptop is 12.5" in format 16:9, and I want to keep the panel visible at all times, but also as small as possible.

I tried to put the seconds in the date instead, but whe I write s in a custom date format, it is not replaced with the seconds, it is just writing e.g. s Fri_3/9.

My apologies for not being clear:

  • There is no way of doing what you want, unless you become a developer for KDE and program it yourself.
  • If you’re not a developer, and you would raise a feature request to make that happen, none of the other KDE users would vote positively on your feature request because everyone else is doing what I showed you to do previously
  • Which doesn’t mean you can still try raising a feature request! I’m just telling you your feature request would have as little chance as a snowflake in hell in being implemented…

It would be cheaper to buy a 17" laptop than to try and hire a KDE developer and actually pay him to do what you want your system to do, as the feature you want does not exist but who knows: maybe you’re rich and can afford it. :+1:

  • Right-click on the date
  • Click Configure Digital clock
  • You’ll see this:
  • Click on Show seconds
  • Click OK
  • Now your date / time will show:
    But your popup will still only show the date!


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