Mouse stopped working

Hello, first time around here. After i updated the system i started having this issue, the mouse buttons don’t work anymore. The cursor is working fine and is detected but the buttons don’t work.
Meta/Windows/super key is not working, not making the menu open, however i have access to the terminal via opening konsole through the menu that appears when you search. Tried to jump into a terminal session with the alt+f7 combination but it just stays as the blinking cursor.
Looking through the logs i could see some errors in regards to the mouse, i think, i’ll attach a screenshot.

Edit: I have been through the logs again and i can’t be able to find the error now. Has anyone encountered this? It looks like it the interface works up until the first click then it all does not work anymore.

Start libinput debug-events and see if clicks are registered.

I’ve started libinput, it looks like there are no clicks registered at all. Depending on what action i do firstly it might register sensor data but that’s about it.
Case 1:
Don’t use the mouse start libinput, sensor data is captured.
Case 2:
Do 1 click, it appears as if the click is never released, there is no data captured.

Tried with a different mouse and that one started working, previously it would not work. This mouse which is not working is fully functioning on Windows on the same machine, running dual boot.

Mouse is: HyperX Pulsefire Raid

Hi, I have disappearing mouse pointer on Manjaro xfce 21, celeron 3450, 4gb ram, 32gb ssd, lenovo. I am just using general mouse type and I am working with pc and the mouse just disappears, touchpad the same, I can not even use touchpad, the mouse pointer is frozen disappeared and you can not work with the mouse. Do you have any ideas how to solve this issue? Thank you very much our brains.