Mouse not moving on wayland (kde plasma)

I just had a very strange issue: Wayland was working perfectly for me for a while. However, once I closed my lid so the laptop (ideapd 5 14 are05)went to sleep. When I woke it up, the mouse was no more working. However when logging out, it worked again on the login screen, when logging back in it stops working. The really strange thing is that this issue persists when rebooting. On XOrg, everything still works perfectly.
Any ideas what’s going on?

As far as I know

Wayland Support in Plasma

Wayland support in the KDE Plasma Workspaces is in a tech-preview state. The workspaces have been developed for X11 and much functionality relies on X11. To be able to make proper use of Wayland these bits have to be rewritten.

The most complex task is to implement Wayland support in KWin, KDE Plasma’s Compositor and Window Manager. Since 5.4 KWin is able to manage Wayland clients and this allows to start a Plasma session on Wayland.

Not really helping but what I understand is that Wayland is not really supported in KDE for now.