Mouse feeezes using Live Media

Hii i am using hp notebook 250 g7 and i am trying to dual boot my laptop …i currently have windows on my machine but when I flash my live usb(to dual boot) drive and go to manjaro(kde plasma) and when i try to launch installer or do anything my laptop freezes (keyboard) woks but mouse freezes)and dosen’t respond and then i have to cancel the installiton …my laptop is 4 weeks old and when i use windows it works fine…can u help me solve my issue thanks in advance…

I’d recommend creating a separate post asking for help - that way you’ll reach a wider “audience” to help you, as this topic is quite old.

By “freeze” you mean that the whole system is unresponsive? (for example, you can’t select buttons or execute commands via keyboard).

I do not have a concise answer, and I can only give you some general guidelines, but I don’t know if they’ll be of much use to you -

  • make sure secure boot is off, fast boot is off (both from windows and from BIOS)
  • make sure you turn off intel rst if you have it (choose ahci instead)
  • make sure that you flash the live USB properly (using rufus is the best choice - some USB flashing utilities can’t handle manjaro’s hybrid ISO configuration properly. If you did use rufus, don’t worry about it).
  • make sure your ISO actually installed properly (I recommend using the torrent version of the ISO download, it’s usually more reliable - checking the SHA checksum should ensure you have an intact install).
  • maybe make sure your USB stick itself isn’t faulty? CHKDSK might do the job, maybe. I guess you could also use a proprietary app if that’s what you’d prefer.

This is just general troubleshooting to be honest. Maybe other members can help you better.

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