Mouse cursor settings are broken

This affects manjaro in general. Mouse cursor settings are broken: i.e., i download a cursor theme, apply it via settings, but that doesnt change cursor for many applications, so you have to manually edit default cursor theme and point it to your new cursor theme. But even then some cursors on some apps do not use your new theme and you see old cursors, wtf ? Is this bug going to be forever in manjaro ?

Not entirely true.

You don’t mention what DE you use, but I know that what you say happens, can happen if you don’t change the settings in the places it needs to be changed.

In KDE you have Cursor icon settings inside System Settings. This setting will work for all QT apps.
KDE handles GTK apps differently, so they have a setting of their own inside System-settings -> application style -> Applicationstyle for Gnome (GTK).

So that’s what I think happens to you. You chose the new theme for the qt apps, but the gtk apps still use the old theme, because you haven’t chosen the new one yet.

As @Strit stated, not entirely true. Here’s why:

Manjaro is based in Arch and Arch has just about every DE, WM, and GTK, GTK2, QT4 and QT5 libraries available. Manjaro does not restrict it’s users to Manjaro-only repos, but has nearly the full range of what is available for Arch, available to Manjaro users as well.

Compare that to more limited distros that focus soley on say, a GTK DE (GNOME, Cinnamon, MA-TE, etc.) and the theming works nearly across the board. Another distro focusing on QT (say KDE), will mostly make QT theming (with limited GTK) available to its users.

Manjaro gives you a great range of choice–moreso than most distros–so use that choice to benefit yourself the most


I have tried xfce and cinnamon, both are broken. I have changed all existing settings, so if there are any settings that need to be changed, they are hidden, therefore its DE or manjaro fault/bug. There must be only one cursor setting for everything. Not only current settings are ilogical and broken, but they are also big pain on the eyes as cursor theme is constantly changing…

There is only 1 cursor theme setting in all system, thats it. And when i move mouse in chrome over any website button, cursor uses default manjaro cursor theme instead of my set vanilla-dmz theme…

There are two solutions for this here

No, these hacks do no work. My bug is different, that was theme reseting, and my cursor themes are mixing up - some of the cursors are being used from my selected theme, while other cursors, i.e. text cursor or pointing hand cursor - are being used from default manjaro theme (breeze ?).

Have you at least tried this?

Just make sure you add the correct name of the cursor theme.

Yes, i tried all these hacks, and none of them work. It seems that programs just pick random cursors from my theme and default manjaro theme…

What cursor theme do you want to use and what did you put in the /etc/environment file? You can check the exact name of the cursor theme in the index.theme file in /usr/share/icons/folder-of-your-cursor-theme. Did you reboot after the changes?

Everything was fine, all settings and hacks were applied, but none have worked. I got tired of it, deleted breeze cursor theme, and copied my theme to that folder, now it works, well, it still uses 2 cursor themes randomly, but both are the same now. I hope there will be no updates in the future to that useless theme, or i will go nuts if you break it…

It would be nice to be able to uninstall many useless packages, such as default cursor themes and others, but it seems that the whole system is tied together and pacman tells that you must to uninstall half of the system if you try to do that…

The reason I asked what you put in /etc/environment is because if you don’t get the name of the cursor right, it won’t work, and the name of the cursor in the mouse settings is not necessarily the same as the cursor’s system name.

Well, i used cursor theme folder name in all config files - “Vanilla-DMZ”.

Did you put this in /etc/environment


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