Mouse clicks not working

Beginner user here. I rarely use linux KDE64. My install is almost brand new. My only interaction is to run updates. Currently, my wireless mouse, seems to have only limited affect on the window or taskbar, and I’m left to navigate by keyboard. However, the mouse pointer movement is not impared, just its interaction with window buttons, so while I can open a program (using the keyboard menu windows start) , I can’t interact with it.

Earlier I read I should use libinput debug-events, though I didn’t get far with that. Others seem to have a similar issue, and I’ve not found a solution. I’ve probably booted to this system fewer than 10 times, and if I recall, I reinstalled due to this issue before. The mouse works fine in windows, Logitech m605 Ithink is the model number. Though I don’t think this is a mouse issue.

The thing is for a short time this mouse and its buttons do seem to work, usually they work once, mostly on the taskbar, but not the ‘start’ button, which always requires the keyboard. Also, the mouse can left click to open a context menu on the desktop, but it’s not long after that it stops.

At the current time I don’t recall the root password, as I said I only use the OS very infrequently. I read that root would be needed to use libinput.

THe mouse clicks have worked before at initial setup. But no more. I don’t have an alternate mouse.

My system has 6 monitors, matching very old amd cards.

I am having the exact same problem. The mouse works for a bit after logon to the KDE desktop. After a few seconds the buttons stop working, and don´t do anything. The pointer still works. I noticed that when I logoff and logon, the buttons will keep working in about 90% of the cases. However, when I reboot, the same problem occurs (mouse buttons stop working after a few seconds).

This problem is with a Logitech Performance MX mouse, with the USB bluetooth dongle. I am running Manjaro Testing KDE.