Mouse and keyboard not responding on laptop

Asus zephyrus g14 Ryzen 4900 Nvidia 2060 laptop

After landing in from vacation and doing some video editing on kdenlive which kept crashing on the plane, once home my system stopped responding to its keyboard and mouse. I connected an external mouse and it worked. I also connected an external keyboard usb and bluetooth and only the usb keyboard works sometimes! What the hell is ? Why on earth would this happen suddenly? I didnt mess with any settings at all. After realizing this problem, i stumbled theough an update to see if that would fix the issue and nothing!!! Can someone please help?

possibly filesystem errors - you did mention

If a system which has been otherwise reliable suddenly starts crashing - it is often caused by filesystem issues - but that is only a guess.

The issues can be caused a lot of things - it’s impossible to guess and thus next to impossible to provide any meaningful advise to such issue.

Ok well how can i maybe show an output that someone can understand what is going on with my system? This happened to me before in thisnsame computer and then i just wiped it. I dont want to do that again.i want to be able to always work with linux.

Hi @Artisto,

Best would be to provide information as per:

And, I’ve got to ask, is everything enables in the BIOS? (Have to be sure, you know? This kind of stuff is easily overlooked.)

Thi8s sounds like something got damaged. Like a hardware issue…

As far as i know nothing had been disabled unless somehow something changed on its own. Dont know how that would have happened by itself though. But what in the bios would specifically enable or disable these primary functions? How can i post an output?


Don’t know about that. Was a semi wild, semi educated guess based on the fact that it sounds hardware-based and it’s a laptop (Or I hope so. I sincerely hope you didn’t set up a desktop on the plane, y’know…)

Haha. No i didnt set up a desktop on a plane. Thats funny thought. YES,its a laptop…been working fine all week as i uploaded all my videos to an external drive via that system.

There is a video on you tube posted March 3 2022 by someone who experinced the nearly same issues i currently face with my broken Manjaro installation. It is titled, “Manjaro, why did you do this to me”…does anyone have any information yet to why Manjaro is broken like this? Any fixes available?

You have yet to provide system information, as linked by @Mirdarthos.