Mounting drives and ownership

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As a pretty new Linux user (been testing different distros mostly), I have a question that I hope some of you can/will answer:

As I prepare for a Linux migration from Win10, I have several disks that I have accumulated thru the years. I wish to still use them on my main system with now a EXT4 or BTRFS partitions . How do I make sure that all the NVMe and SSD automount and that me (as the user) have root access?

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If you choose to use KDE version for the Manjaro distro you can do all things you asked thought the graphical interface software KDE Partition Manager, simple and straight forward.

While mounting the drivers I recommend to use UUID, I tried other option and they generate error if you remove any driver or add new ones, UUID just works and you free to change anything you want.

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You can also add your drives to /etc/fstab.
Use blkid on console and add UUID to fstab.

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Take ownership by

sudo chown $USER:$USER /path/to/mountpoint

Obviously, /path/to/mountpoint to be replaced by real path.

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I see that I have some reading and testing to do :grin: Thank you for the comprehensive answer!