Mount WD MyCloud volume in Dolphin

I’m posting because I’m at a loss. I own a WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBCTL0040HWT-NESN. Unfortunately I’m in Linux-land as a noob (last Linux I tried was YellowDog Linux PPC) coming from macOS. Everything’s working fine but being able to access my NAS from Manjaro KDE. The closest leads I could find are; How to Mount WD MyCloud on Ubuntu 18.04 (which I’ve attempted to follow to a T to no avail) and an NFS article on ArchWiki that I can barely make heads or tails of. The darned thing mounts fine on macOS, is accessible from our Roku device and our phones with the MyCloud app. I’ve also tried making settings as permissive as possible in the NAS settings, again to no avail.

I’d appreciate anyone with successful experience helping me through this.

Thank you.

Would this be more easy to follow than the wiki ?

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Thank you so much. I’ll look into this ASAP

I’m still finding this [to be] over my head. Once I get to lsblk it only lists local drives, that’s my roadblock right now. I think, considering it’s a NAS, creating an .automount described for USB drives would be more ideal.

In Dolphin I see the WDMyCloud folder under Network, I open it (network:/WDMyCloud.local/) and I’m greeted with 4 files; WDMyCloud folder (afp://wdmycloud.local:548), a 2nd WDMyCloud folder (http://@wdmycloud.local:80), WDMyCloud generic icon (network:/WDMyCloud.local/WDMyCloud.wd-2go/) and a the final WDMyCloud with its MAC address appended (network:/WDMyCloud.local/WDMyCloud [00:90:a9:ed:45:45].workstation/). I double-click the first WDMyCloud folder listed and get the error pop-up afp://wdmycloud.local:548 attempting to open the next folder prompts my web browser to open http://wdmycloud.local/ which is the URL to login in and administer the NAS but not file browse, double-clicking the generic file does nothing.

I’ve also tried right-clicking to choose to open them in Dolphin, a new tab opens with their network addresses in the location area but no files list and I’m not prompted to log in.

Thank you for your patience.

I’ve backed up all the files from the WDMyCloud onto my macOS drive and hope the Synology NAS I haven’t set up yet isn’t such a PIA.

Same stuff here, exct same stuff! I can’t make my WDMyCloud work…

I got a Synology NAS I’ve yet to set up but that shouldn’t have to be the only option, and I hope I have an easier time than this! I don’t know if it’s the NAS, Linux, this distribution…it’s baffling as to why it doesn’t simply work. If I can get the Synology up and running I’m not touching another WD product—I already don’t buy their internal HDDs, I guess I should’ve known better.

Did anybody manage to mount WDcloud on Manjaro. I am still strugling

Are you able to open the NAS storage from Dolphin ?
In the Network Option - you can specify the protocol and IP address to access network storage.
If you can, you can simply connect and add it to Places.
You also have the option to save your password so that you dont have to specify it every time.
Please check what protocol it uses and the same is enabled in firewall.