Most reliable WiFi manager

Using connman on my Rockpi4 is unreliable and I am looking for an alternative.

Must autoconnect on boot/reconnect after drop in connection


Are there any tips to avoid potential conflicts?

Arch wiki says:

Note: You must ensure that no other service that wants to configure the network is running; in fact, multiple networking services will conflict. You can find a list of the currently running services with systemctl --type=service and then stop them. See #Configuration to enable the NetworkManager service.

Sounds like the steps are:

  1. Install Networkmanager
  2. Disconnect from network
  3. Uninstall Connman
  4. Setup Networkmanager

The note implies that you should stop/disable connman before starting networkmanager.
There is no need to uninstall it, i.e. you can keep the (inactive) connman settings until you are satisfied with the alternative.
The same applies for other network services.
My favourite go-to for wifi is the (simple, cll) netctl.