Most recent updates have broken mouse settings

I can no longer set scrolling to be inverted or not. The gui does nothing. I was wondering if someone knows how to fix this or if this will be fixed in a later update.

I found this post in the subreddit but i was not sure how to fix this.

See here:

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Which one?

I applied @bogdancovaciu fix and my Logitech mouse seems much smoother now.

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I am terribly sorry, i was stupid and mixed up the mouse and touchpad settings (I am using a laptop without a mouse connected).
I did the fix provided by @bogdancovaciu before i discovered the touchpad settings. So if the fix actually did anything i do not know.
Anyways, thanks for the help!

You can test by removing the fix, reboot and look at the touchpad settings and spot any difference. :slight_smile:
I had to use this for my mouse and tablet (desktop user here).

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