More user-friendly Manjaro Hello


I noticed that Manjaro Hello → Get Involved page can be improved (making it more clear and user-friendly) by adding hyperlinks to corresponding places in text, for example, to words “distrowatch[dot]com”, “the community”, “the forums”, “IRC channel”, “let us know”, “tell us”.
(I could not attach my edited screenshot to illustrate the idea)

What do you think about the idea?
Thank you!

Feel free to create a Merge Request. The corresponding file is involved located in /data/pages/ under each language ID folder.

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Not sure if that’s possible ootb without getting additional permissions to the repository first (at least one can’t create any forks it seems :man_shrugging:t2:)

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Thank you for your tip! I managed to edit /usr/share/manjaro-hello/data/pages/en/involved on my system and it works! I also noticed that the link to Telegram group is called ‘IRC channel’.