more than an hour to download manjaro kde 20

does it really take more than an hour to download 2.9GB manjaro KDE iso so I can make a bootable usb?

is that normal ? if you are wondering I got 80mps download speed

It depends on where you're downloading it from. Sometimes the mirrors are having problems, or they are in the middle of a CPU-intensive sync operation, or something like that.

I don't know where you're downloading it from, but you could try one of the other mirrors in the list ─ preferably one that's geographically close to your location. :slight_smile:

(Note: Sometimes, it may also happen that a mirror that's farther away from where you are actually has a higher speed than one that's closer. It's rare, but it does happen.)

it didn't show any options for any locations to download from . I think I just gotta wait . thnx anyway

Click on the link in my post. It'll show you the list of mirrors. :wink:

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And that is correct for the package repos - your link points to

Downloading an ISO is done through OSDN and the OSDN mirror network - OSDN redirects on geolocation to the mirror closet to you.

Please take a look at the ventoy project for creating an ISO - works on both Linux and Windows.

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You could also try the torrent download. It is completely legal to download and share torrents of open-source software.

How fast is your internet connection ?

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