Moonlight with HW Acc. on rockchip

I noticed there was a package for moonlight with hardware acceleration available on debian. Is there a way to get hardware acceleration to work on this distro?


i am tinkering around with an Odroid M1 (rockchip based sbc) and have built moonlight embedded which uses the ffmpeg-rk package for hardware acceleration. It seems to work for my purposes. To achieve that i have modified a PKGBUILD file I found in the AUR. Here is the code for that:

> # copied and modified from: Iwan Timmer <>
> # this PKGBUILD was modified to be built on an Odroid M1 running Manjaro Arm - no support given, use at your own risk!
> pkgname=moonlight-embedded
> pkgver=2.5.3
> pkgrel=1
> pkgdesc="Gamestream client for embedded devices"
> arch=('aarch64')
> url=""
> license=('GPL')
> depends=('curl' 'avahi' 'curl' 'libevdev' 'enet' 'ffmpeg-rk')
> makedepends=('libcec' 'cmake')
> source=("$pkgver/$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.xz")
> sha256sums=('SKIP')
> build() {
>   mkdir -p build
>   cd build
>   make
> }
> package() {
>   cd build
>   make DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install
> }

Hope that helps!

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